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Ageing Gracefully

Facial acupuncture is a full constitutional treatment that views the face as an extension of both the emotions and the energy channels of the body which flow from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head.

When the face is treated, blood and energy (qi) flow increase, carrying nutrients to the cells. The body interprets the insertion of the filament as a “positive” injury which can then stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal protocol is more than just acupuncture. It is deeply relaxing and is designed to treat both, underlying constitutional imbalances, and the face itself. This means that as the appearance of the face is treated, so is the overall health of the body.

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal promotes health and well-being by

  • Improving the functioning of the respiratory, digestive, nervous and endocrine systems of the body
  • Improving metabolism
  • Improving immune function
  • Increasing energy
  • Reducing stress and aiding self-esteem

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal may erase as many as 5 to 15 years from any face with results apparent after a few treatments. Specifically, it

  • Improves collagen/elastin production and muscle tone
  • Helps to reduce bags and sagging tendencies / sunken areas are “fleshed out”
  • Helps to eliminate fine lines and diminish larger wrinkles
  • Helps to reduce double chins and lift drooping eyelids
  • Tightens pores and brightens eyes
  • Increases local blood and lymph circulation

What does treatment involve?

Each treatment begins with a herbal face wash, followed by a mask utilizing Chinese herbs and heat. Acupuncture is then carried out. Firstly, filaments are placed in the body, to treat constitutional imbalances, and to start circulating qi and blood. These fine filaments are then placed at a variety of acupuncture points on the face and neck to bring the qi and blood to the areas that are to be treated. This two-stage approach means that qi and blood are already available to nourish the face and treat problems such as wrinkles, discoloration or loss of tone. The face lifts via the acupuncture points through the muscles’ own toning and tightening action while the filaments stimulate circulation to improve facial colour. Each treatment is specifically tailored to the individual.

How many treatments are required?

A course constitutes between 10 and 20 treatments. On average, between 10 to 15 treatments are needed. Once a course of treatment has been completed, monthly maintenance treatments are recommended to maintain the benefits on both the face and general health.

Nina is fully qualified in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal Therapy

Nina has upgraded her qualifications in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal ™ taught by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield from the Chi-akra Centre, New York City, USA. Read more about changing the face of ageing at her website.

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“When I first went to Nina to have Constitutional Facial Acupuncture done, I not only had low self esteem about my appearance, but my emotional and general wellbeing was suffering too.  After 10 recommended treatments, I was a new person. Even after the first two, I felt great. Nina not only worked on my face but my whole body bringing it back into balance. It’s an amazing feeling. I totally recommend it.

D Carvolth