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Shoulder & back pain

“I had heaps of pain in my shoulders and back, but after a few minutes with Nina,
I felt fantastic again. Thanks!”
Matt Moore

“I was extremely sore and in pain for four days after having physio on my lower back. After Nina’s treatment,
I was able to move without pain – a magic effect!”
Helen Holmes

Bowen Therapy – Asthma

“I’m needle phobic, yet extremely comfortable with the non-insertion needle acupuncture and Bowen Therapy Nina does. I was most definitely a non-believer until my first visit.
I was impressed by the remarkable results – I could breathe freer with my asthma. I feel a million dollars.” Sue Gordon

Skin Problems

“My 17 year old son had a terrible rash on his hands and torso for months. After just one treatment from Nina, the rash had visibly improved and after two more treatments,
had disappeared completely. His confidence returned and now
the embarrassing months are just a bad dream.”
Anne , May 2008

Emotional Instability

“When I first went to Nina, I had been experiencing intense feelings of agitation and emotional instability for many years. Nina treated me with acupuncture and
Thought Field Therapy, and after just two sessions, I felt much stronger and in control of my life. I feel better able to cope with and accept life. It’s worked wonders.”
Dianne Bensley

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“My daughter had suffered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for some time and I with low energy levels. After trying other alternative and orthodox medical treatments with no lasting relief,
we were treated by Nina with acupuncture and Allergy Elimination Therapy (NAET). We both experienced a significant increase in our energy levels.
My daughter no longer suffers the muscular aches she experienced
prior to therapy and has improved digestion and health.”
Jacinta Harding

Urticaria – skin condition

“My son, 19 years old, has suffered from a condition known as ‘cholinergic urticaria’ since 1995. In an attempt to alleviate the urticaria, we have tried everything! We have seen a dermatologist, immunologist,
several MDs and spoken to several chemists. We have tried vitamin therapy, all over-the-counter antihistamines, stomach acid blockers and a host of prescription drugs. Nothing touched it!
Then we heard about Nina through a friend. We first visited Nina in October 2007 and she has done eight Toyohari treatments.
The improvements in my son’s condition included much decreased redness, much fewer eruptions of acne on his back, improved bowel movements and the itchy urticaria now almost non-existent.
This outcome is such a God-send.
Thanks Nina! You have literally saved us!
Jacqui , January 2008

“My whole family has been treated by Nina and we have all been very grateful and astounded by the results she is able to achieve.
Having been in the Natural Therapies industry myself, I appreciate that there can often be a significant disparity between therapists
in terms of professionalism and results achieved, as well as the longevity of those results. Nina is a genuine person who is generous with her time and passionate about
her work and helping people. Nina has an integrity that is evident in all she does and
conducts her clinic in a professional way.”

Adrienne Atherton , June 2004

Ovarian Cancer

“I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer in November 2002. My doctor confirmed that I had a 20% chance of surviving for 5 years.
The cancer was back in a couple of months following extensive surgery and strong chemo treatment. I was told that the cancer was incurable. I decided to try alternative medicine as well as what the doctor ordered! I started having acupuncture treatments in August 2003 and immediately felt that something had lifted. Last year, I was recommended to Nina who was practising Toyohari acupuncture.

As I have had about 50 chemo treatments and 20 radiation treatments during the past five years, I am often very tired and in need of a boost.
And that is exactly what Nina is giving me. My strength is gradually coming back. My doctor has told me that I surprise him because my cancer count is like a roller coaster ride.
I do not believe that acupuncture will cure my cancer, but that it will make my body stronger, so it can fight the cancer.
I am convinced that acupuncture has prolonged my life.
Anna Axmacher , January 2008

Tremor & Pain

“For 34 years I have suffered from Essential Tremors, a debilitating neurological disorder of the central nervous system characterized by uncontrolled shaking which in turn causes tiredness,
weakness, pain and nausea and affects my balance and fine motor skills.
I have tried many doctors, medications and therapies but nothing seemed to help.
Then I tried Nina’s Toyohari Acupuncture and there has been a definite improvement.
Back pain is better, and walking and handwriting have improved.
My voice and jaw are improved and the swelling in my tongue has gone down.
Thank you Nina.
M Mills, 12th December 2008


From infancy I’ve had asthma and never felt completely well. In my 20s, I developed a nasal drip which caused further irritation and ill health. Medication never really helped. I saw a naturopath, a kinesiologist, a homeopath and a Chinese herbalist, all to no avail. My lungs got progressively worse until I started treatment with Nina for suspected allergies. Nina found 54 different allergies which had compromised my immune system so that I continually caught viruses. She began to desensitize me and treated my lungs. Slowly after years of coughing and bad health, I started to get well. Nina also helped me with hip displacement
caused by childbirth for which I had been seeing chiropractors since my 20s.
These treatments never held. Nina’s treatments have held and I feel much better.
H Schwarz

Panic Attacks

“Before I met Nina, I suffered from Panic Attacks, I.B.S. and Agoraphobia. After my first treatment from Nina, I felt very calm and not nervous. After follow-up treatments, I felt so relaxed and confident, I even went out by myself – amazing, as I had never done that before, I always had someone with me. Since going to Nina, I am happier and more relaxed. Friends have noticed the difference. So thank you Nina.” S Davies, 27th October 2008

Fatigue & Aching

Coming to Nina has given me a new lease on life. I used to drag myself around, always tired and aching. After 2 visits to Nina I feel like a new person. I’m sleeping well, enjoying my food and have the energy to cook nice meals. I’m able to do things like gardening. My husband has a big smile on his face as he sees the improvement. My family and friends are grateful for the change. Thank you Nina, for working a miracle. N B Imnes

Fibromyalgia Syndrome

“Nina was recommended to me after many years of increasing pain, immobility and other symptoms from FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome). A specialist physician had prescribed daily preventative pain-relieving medication but medication, physiotherapy and massage provided only temporary relief. However, after only one visit with Nina, I noticed improvement in how I was feeling. I have now been seeing Nina for over 2 years and I sleep better, feel better, experience less pain and my mobility has improved. Nina has also helped to improve my immunity. I frequently caught respiratory infections which would result in prolonged periods of asthma. I would take several courses of antibiotics each year. I now find I seldom need antibiotics and look forward to continued improvement in my health.” J Tutin, 2010

Reflux (baby) & Mastitus

The arrival of my baby girl was so precious. However it turned into a nightmare once she was diagnosed with Reflux. She was most unsettled, cried a lot and was obviously distressed. After weeks of persevering with prescription medicine, she was treated by Nina. It was wonderful to see her have a decent feed and sleep. After only 4 treatments, my little girl is a different baby and so much happier. The difference is astounding. Nina also helped me overcome Mastitis. After the arrival of my baby, I was having bouts of Mastitis every 2 to 3 weeks. Antibiotics were not helping, and were affecting my health. During my most recent attack of Mastitis, I visited Nina and within hours the pain and tenderness had subsided. I continued the treatments and a few weeks on, there has been NO Mastitis and no engorgement or other mastitis triggers. Lea

Digestive Problems

I have been having digestion problems ever since I can remember. The problem worsened every year after my first baby, 7 years ago. During these years I learned to live with a reduced diet – I could not eat bread, tomatoes, many fruits, juices, vegetables, spices, eggs you name it. I suffered bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion, reflux and heartburn. During my third pregnancy, I had iron deficiency due to my food allergies/intolerances. I then came across a piece in the paper by Nina. All the symptoms she described were exactly what I had. I started a series of treatments with Nina to combat the allergies. Every treatment was a step closer to feeling ‘normal’. When I started picking up and eating more, my body became stronger and I began acupuncture for the digestive problems – probably the best treatment I have EVER experienced. The results from that first session were mind blowing. Because of this success my husband was treated by Nina for pain he was suffering due to back injury. Again, the results were amazing! His pain has reduced and he can walk and bend more freely. We continued our treatments and are now only on maintenance appointments and are doing great. Nina has a true gift of healing and I highly recommend her – whether you have something out of the ordinary or something as little as the start of a cold, you should let Nina heal you. Don’t leave it too late – the longer you ignore it, the worse it gets, just ask me!  THANK YOU NINA! K Gibson, Ipswich, Qld


I began seeing Nina in March 2010 after suffering a miscarriage in December 2009. After regular visits, my cycle normalised and I fell pregnant in June 2010. I continue to visit Nina regularly throughout my pregnancy.
Nina uses Toyohari acupuncture and moxa treatments which are pain free and very relaxing. I cannot thank Nina enough.
R Mullins, 2010

Depression & Lethargy

I feel so good since starting acupuncture treatments with Nina! Before, I was very lethargic and depressed and not feeling at all well, but from the first treatment, I started feeling the difference.  Nina’s treatments have done wonders for me and even my family comments on how well I look.  Together with the naturopathy treatments I have been receiving, I have a lot more “joie de vivre”. Thank you so very much Nina. P Wienand

Cosmetic Acupuncture (face lift)

When I first went to Nina to have Constitutional Facial Acupuncture done, I not only had low self esteem about my appearance, but my emotional and general wellbeing was suffering too.  After 10 recommended treatments, I was a new person. Even after the first two, I felt great. Nina not only worked on my face but my whole body bringing it back into balance. It’s an amazing feeling. I totally recommend it. D Carvolth


“After only 4 sessions with Nina, I now feel 200% better and life is worth living again. My Arthritic pain is so much better and all my movements so much easier. It is like a miracle. Thank you Nina.”  Joanne Gamble